Our factory shop offers the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood products, imported from around the world and produced by Three Streams Smokehouse. Our goal is to offer the public the quality they have come to expect from us, at market beating prices.

Contact us on +27 (21) 551 1448 or email to place your order. You can also visit us at 20 Stella Road, Montague Gardens in Cape Town.

Please note, due to exchange rate and production fluctuations, prices may change without notice or be unavailable on the website at times. All prices quoted include VAT.

Fresh Norwegian Salmon – Superior Quality

Fresh Salmon Shop044 3 – 7 KG

Frozen Norwegian Salmon – Superior Quality

Salmon Fillets V/P with Skin-on Shop036 KG
Salmon Fillets V/P with Skin-off Shop037 KG
Salmon Fillets, in portions, V/P with Skin-on Shop035 KG
Salmon Tail portions with Skin-on Shop038 KG

Fresh Smoked Norwegian Salmin – Parev

Fresh Smoked Salmon, Sliced Shop001 40 / 80GR
Fresh Smoked Salmon, Sliced Shop002 100GR
Fresh Smoked Salmon, Sliced Shop003 200GR
Fresh Smoked Salmon, Sliced Shop004 500GR
Fresh Smoked Salmon, Sliced Shop005 KG
Fresh Smoked Salmon, Unsliced Shop006 1-1.5kg
Fresh Smoked Salmon, Offcuts Shop007 150GR
Fresh Smoked Salmon, Offcuts Shop008 300GR

Marinated Norwegian Salmon, Gravet Laks – Parev

Gravet Norwegian Salmon, Sliced Shop021 80GR
Gravet Norwegian Salmon, Sliced Shop022 100GR
Gravet Norwegian Salmon, Sliced Shop023 200GR
Gravet Norwegian Salmon, Sliced Shop024 500GR
Gravet Norwegian Salmon, Sliced Shop025 KG

Three Streams Smokehouse Products

Smoked Trout, Sliced Shop103 100GR
Smoked Trout, Sliced Shop104 200GR
Smoked Salmon, Sliced Shop105 100GR
Smoked Trout/Salmon Shavings Shop106 300GR
Smoked Snoek Pate Shop111 150GR
Smoked Salmon Pate Shop112 150GR
Smoked Snoek Shop113 KG

Fresh Smoked Trio’s of Salmon – Parev

Fresh Smoked Trio of Salmon (30GR H/S – 25GR S/S – 25GR  GL) Shop028 80GR

Hot Smoked Salmon/Trout – Parev

Hot smoked pepper salmon, fillets Shop016 KG
Hot smoked pepper salmon, portions Shop013 KG
Hot smoked black and white sesame, fillets Shop016 KG
Hot smoked trout fillets Shop110 KG

Smoked Mackerel – Parev

Fresh Smoked North Sea Pepper Mackerel Shop047 KG
Fresh Smoked North Sea Herb Mackerel Shop048 KG
Fresh Smoked Whole Mackerel (Head-off) Shop082 KG


Trout Caviar Shop101 150GR
Norwegian Lumpfish Caviar, Black Shop053 100GR
Norwegian Lumpfish Caviar, Red Shop052 100GR
Norwegian Lumpfish Caviar, Black Shop055 400GR
Norwegian Lumpfish Caviar, Red Shop054 400GR
Norwegian Lumpfish Caviar, Black Shop057 100GR
Norwegian Lumpfish Caviar, Red Shop056 100GR

Fresh Norwegian Seafood in Brine
(Pending on Availability)

Fresh Shrimps in Brine Shop049 100GR
Fresh Shrimps in Brine Shop050 200GR
Crawfish tails in Brine Shop051 200GR

Additional Products

Sushi Rice Shop090 KG
Rice Vinegar (Kongyen) Shop091 300ML
White Sesame Seeds Shop092 200G
Sesame Oil Pure Shop093 150ML
Lime Juice Shop094 250ML
Pickled Ginger (Len Heng) Shop095 220G
Coconut Milk Shop096 165ML
Jasmin Tea Shop077 100G
Sushi Mats Shop098 Unit
Sweet & Sour Souce Shop099 295ML
Suree Fish Sauce Shop100 200ML
Kikoman Soya Sauce Red Shop070 150ML
Kikoman Soya Sauce Green Shop071 150ML
Japanese Mayo Shop072 500ML
Crabsticks Shop061 KG
31/40 Prawns Shop063 KG
16/20 Prawns Rhop062 KG
Nori Sheets Shop063 Unit
Wasabi Shop064 Unit
Chopsticks Shop118 20 PACK
Sushi Prawns Shop123 Unit
Scansa Trade 80G Trout Shop107 80G
Scansa Trade 500G Trout Shop108 500G
Whole Bake Trout Shop109 KG
Green Tea Shop076 Unit



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